Friday, April 16, 2010

Book Quotes: Causes of Suicide

From Too Soon to Say Goodbye by Susan Titus Osborn, MA; Karen L. Kosman; Jeenie Gordon, MS, MA, LMFT (page 108):

So it is in the throes of depression. The suicidal person can't see through the murkiness of her pain to know that safety lies only a short distance away.

Suicide is never a good option. It does not solve anything. It brings an abrupt end to the resources that could have brought relief, completion of fulfilled dreams, and the return of happiness.

There are a number of mental disorders that cause chemical imbalances in the brain and may contribute to suicidal behavior. However, they can often be controlled with medication when prescribed and overseen by a psychiatrist. Although these illnesses are often treatable, some emotionally desperate patients will choose not to live.

Often external circumstances such as job loss, financial disaster, loss of a child, failure in school, or marital problems are blamed for suicide. However, these events may act only as triggers. In a moment where reality is lost, suicide occurs.

Shame overwhelmingly surrounds a suicide. Society does not accept it in the same way as dying from a dreaded physical disease. Nonetheless, suicide represents horrific illness, one of the emotions and mind.

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