Friday, July 17, 2009

Book Quotes: Teaching Health Practices

From Miracle at Tenwek: The Life of Dr. Ernie Steury by Gregg Lewis.

After the hospital staff and resources grew, Tenwek hospital started training volunteers to take information on basic health practices out to the community to help prevent sickness and common injuries.

[In 1986,] The growing volunteer force, already 125 community health helpers, was having an immediate impact throughout the area, both physically and spiritually. Due to the immunizations and the instruction provided by the workers, the number of measles cases at Tenwek had been cut in half, and whooping cough cases were only a fifth of what they had been in preceding years.


..from 559 cases of measles (including 19 fatal cases) at Tenwek Hospital in 1983 to only 68 cases of measles and no fatal cases in 2003; 1,101 cases of diarrhea diseases treated at Tenwek in 1983 versus 97 such cases in 2003; and 30 deaths from whooping cough in 1983 and none in 2003.

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