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History Magazine

History Magazine

History Magazine

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Source: A year ago, I bought a 3-year subscription from the publisher.

History Magazine opens a window on the past, providing compelling stories about how our world became the place it is today. In the pages of History Magazine, you'll discover thrilling stories of exploration, invention, innovation and conflict, and learn about the development of government, medicine, technology, trade, the arts and the art of war. Written from a North American perspective, History Magazine's articles are clear, informative and insightful, and supported by colorful maps and illustrations. History Magazine breathes life into the stories of the past, telling tales of both pivotal moments and everyday life with passion and spirit.

In the magazine, you'll find:

In our "History Notes" feature and throughout each issue, History offers the juicy tidbits that make history fun. Did you know that pepper once cost its weight in gold, that Thomas Jefferson bred geese to satisfy his need for quill pens and that a single tulip bulb was worth more than a horse and carriage in 17th-century Holland?

Informative articles trace the extraordinary lives ordinary people led - covering subjects like the one-room school-house, farming in the New World and 19th-century nightlife - providing vivid detail about the times in which your ancestors lived, filling out your family history and connecting you to your roots.

In each issue, we examine a historical period in depth, with maps, timelines and articles on some of the key events of the age - revealing, for example, that Greek independence, the Erie Canal, the first railroads, Beethoven's Ninth and the Missouri Compromise were all achievements of the 1820s.

In each issue we focus on a historical invention or innovation that has changed our way of life - from necessities like refrigeration, bicycles and sewer systems to fun stuff like roller-skates, circuses and soft drinks - providing insight that will allow you to view the world with a new perspective.

Read fascinating stories of the challenges faced by real people - such as laying the first trans-Atlantic cable, escaping slavery via the underground railroad or crossing the Oregon Trail to settle in the West - that highlight the struggles, joys and triumphs of the past.

Our "Hindsight" section's recommendation on books, movies and other items of interest - coupled with our research references throughout the magazine - provide starting points for further learning.

I've enjoyed reading the interesting and sometimes downright fascinating articles in History Magazine. The magazine is well-written and covers the type of information I'm most interested in (trivia, how people lived, odd and profound inventions, etc.). I'd recommend this magazine to history buffs.

You can even try History Magazine for free to see if you'd like it. Or you can preview an issue online.

If you've read this magazine, what do you think about it? I'd be honored if you wrote your own opinion in the comments.

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